Guidelines To Follow Before Having ERP Training

01 Sep


A software that is often used in most organizations to help manage day-to-day business activity is known as ERP. Through this the ERP software is habitually utilized to integrate planning, sales, finance, purchasing inventory, human resources and other more.  Although since you would wish the process of making use of the software to be effective you will want your employees to be knowledgeable.  By this you will desire to train your staff in order to recognize how to use ERP. But before you resolve to start the training it is worthwhile that you make certain that some factors are checked.

You should identify that customizing an Tomerlin-ERP system tend to be a huge financial investment. By this it is worthwhile that you plan before starting the training as if not planned it can be a huge expensive mistake. For the reason that it can be a huge loss if the employees in the end will not be able to use the software.  Similarly while planning it is prudent that you involve the training team and include the budget.

Assess on the training strategies you will use.  By this it is prudent that you have a software simulation because it will assist elude any costly mistakes. The simulation gives the workers the power to explore the features they will make use of in their workplace.  Similarly it is worthwhile that you include Q&A sessions as it will help offer a blended learning program.

It is worthwhile that you create a curriculum by role. Since it is not good to dump all lessons on every staff. Through this the workers who might be working in the engineering department must not take any accounting lessons.  Moreover assigning the curriculum by role will make it less challenging for the staff to effectively understand the training as they are not being dumped with so many things.

It is sensible that you resolve to utilize a business process analysist.  For the reason that they are the best experts to test and create the new process system with epicor erp.  Similarly it is worthwhile that you select designated power users. This must be helpful workers who can assist with training and answer employee questions.  Through this if you have workers who might have been involved in the implementation then it is prudent that you make use of them as power users.

Finally in order to make sure that the learners are on board make certain that you incorporate change management techniques.  So ensure that you are clear with the profits of having the training and impact of completing it.  Also make them understand why the training is happening.

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